With a background in journalism and strategic communications, I love researching before making a decision.

And when you are travelling with children, this skill and passion has proven to be quite beneficial.

In 2011, we had a wonderful six week family holiday in Europe. Although I booked airfares through a travel agent, the only accommodation they could offer me were expensive apartments or hotel rooms. Not what I was after.

So, I researched and discovered some wonderful places that were just right for my family – myself, hubbie and two children, then aged 8 and 6.

On my return, I was writing reviews for a well-known holiday review website, when my husband asked me why I was ‘wasting time’ doing this. I told him because I enjoyed it – and it might also help others with their family holiday research.

The conversation got me thinking – yes, this website was helpful, but it was not Australian based and it was not necessarily aimed at families.

And with that, the Family Friendly Accommodation website and Family Holiday Planner blog were born.

The purpose of Family Friendly Accommodation is to save you time researching your next family holiday.

As well as listing properties that welcome and cater for children, we also feature reviews. And unlike some review websites, we feature places that have provided users with a positive experience.

Family Friendly Accommodation will continue to grow as we receive more reviews. So, if you have stayed somewhere you think others should know about, tell us about it.

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