Welcome to the family

Welcome to Family Gathering! Together I hope we can discover and promote a range of accommodation around Australia and the world that offer Australian families experiences that are truly ‘family friendly’.

I see this as the start of a journey that will continually improve and evolve, so please feel free to offer feedback.

I don’t want to bore you, but seeing as this is my first post, I will tell you a bit about who I am and how my website www.familyfriendlyaccommodation.com.au got off the ground.

I am a part-time working mum, living in Melbourne’s east and raising two beautiful children. My background is in journalism and public relations, so I am not offering professional travel advice.

But what I can share is what I have learned over many years of extensive research in put into organising my holidays and weekends away.

When it comes to finding accommodation and the best deal, I am a bit like a dog with a bone – except my bone is the computer.

Do you stop at the second or third page of a google search? It is not unusual for me to keep going to 15 pages plus. It frustrates my husband no end.

But I love nothing better than finding a holiday house, apartment or B&B that will suit our family more than a hotel room – or if it is a hotel room we are after, tracking down one that welcomes families and does not expect us to book 2 rooms (what a waste of money!).

While not wanting to ostracize any travel agents, I have found they cannot access much of the wide range of amazing accommodation that is available.

There are holiday houses, B&Bs, farm stays and old fashioned motels. You want somewhere that hasn’t been renovated since the 1970s or the latest ultra-modern sleek lines? I want to be able to help you find it.

I also want to provide a platform for smaller family friendly accommodation operators to promote themselves through free listings.

How often have you discovered that hidden gem? When accommodation turns out to be as good as expected, or even better, how do we spread the word? We might tell some friends, but the message rarely goes wider.

This is where the idea for www.familyfriendlyaccommodation.com.au came from. What if I created a platform, a community if you like, where Australian families could share information on places they would recommend, with other families?

After months of planning, I am so excited to see my dream turn into reality. I hope you find the website and this blog useful.

It is by building a community of users and reviews that we will become an invaluable tool for Australian families planning all sorts of holidays and weekend escapes.

Let me know topics you want me to cover

I don’t want this blog to be me telling you what I think about everything – or talking about topics that are of no interest to you.

I want you to let me know if there are any topics around accommodation or holidaying with children that you want me to cover. As the name Family Gathering says, this is a way for us to talk to each other.

Enjoy & keep in touch.


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